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At Parasmani Education, our goal is to deliver courses with a professional and exceptional approach, providing outstanding services and solutions.



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Parasmani is a word from Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, which means "touchstone" or "philosopher's stone." In Indian mythology, Parasmani is a legendary gem that has the power to turn base metals into gold and is believed to possess magical and healing properties. The concept of Parasmani is often used metaphorically to describe something that has the ability to transform or elevate a person's life, thoughts, or actions. For instance, in spiritual contexts, it is used to refer to a guru or a spiritual teacher who can guide a seeker towards enlightenment or self-realization. In a more general sense, it can be used to describe a book, an idea, or an experience that has a profound and transformative impact on a person's life.

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Prepare to be astonished by our unparalleled expertise and groundbreaking solutions. At Parasmani Education, we push the boundaries to deliver extraordinary results that surpass your wildest expectations.

Our Goal at Parasmani has taken the initiative to help individuals develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills for supporting in their personality development. We aim stop to provide best Career Opportunities by embedding the quality knowledge in an individual. We provide the confidence to students which plays a major role in Social Mobility. Mission and Vision: Parasmani Education is a company incorporated with the mission of empowering individuals and fostering the development of the country by serving as educational experts. Our goal is to provide a platform where students can clarify doubts and build a strong knowledge foundation. Through our comprehensive 360-degree solution, we aim to address educational concerns and share new skills. We offer courses in School Academics, Digital University, and Professional Certification, ensuring that we bridge the knowledge gap within just 90 seconds with the assistance of our unique doubt-buddies.

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